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Above: current project renovating the Savoy Hotel into retail areas, 2nd and 3rd floor housing and more!  Photo of the original movie theater, now the renovated Washita Valley theater, home to Chickasha Community Theater.  Images from Creative Image Studio in the Main Street district.

Main Street district: Choctaw-Kansas, 1st-8th, in downtown Chickasha, OK, 73018.

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You can follow the charm of this darling town or visit in person to shop around...maybe even finding a place of your own to renovate!! 
We offer the charm of the past, the stability of a committed community and the excitment for a future of SUCCESS.  

Please join us at our upcoming Main Street activities:

September 28-30, 2012: Rock Island Arts Festival
October 31, 2012: Newollah Festival for families
December 6, 2012:  Christmas Parade

Call for information &  THANK YOU for your patience while we continue to grow! 

Main Street Office:
415 Chickasha Ave, Chickasha, OK 73018
P. O. Box 561, Chickasha, OK 73023
Phone: 405-829-0222
Facebook: Main Street Chickasha

We hope you enjoy watching our charming district grow!!

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